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    SQL Dataset disconnect with Monarch Pro 11.8

    Rick Conklin

      We are using Monarch Pro 11.8.   One of our larger SQL databases has intermittent problems.


      The project / model is setup to connect to a particular (primary) data-set.  It also has three additional data-sets it links to.


      When the problem occurs it will display that its looking at one of the "linked" datasets.  But then it stops and displays a message that it "cannot open external database _ _ "  and it displays the name of the primary data-set.


      We have a "startup" filter that limits the data to this current year so as to limit the data it brings in.


      The only thing that changes is that we have a "run-time" filter for the user to enter the current year / month.


      I am stumped as the project runs sometimes and other times we get this message. 


      Any ideas?




      Rick Conklin

      Wichita, KS