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    Datapump V11.4 SMTP Failure

    Alca _

      Hi Everyone,


      I have 2 processes on Datapump which produce the output I need to email out, however, for these 2 processes, distribution starts, but never completes, and the job contiues to run indefinetly. Its alomost as if the process hangs while trying to email out.


      The following have been checked.


      The recipients are all listed in active directory

      All recipients use an internet style email address and are seperated with a ";" followed by a space.


      I have other processes which work well with SMTP but these 2 continue to fail.


      I have tried using global distribution where the folders are monitored for output arriving, and using distribution at a project level and nothing is working.


      Has anybody had a similair issue? Any suggestions are welcome.





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          MelaSarenas _

          You could check the attached file sizes for the 2 processes that fail.  Is it too big?

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              Olly Bond

              Hello Alan,


              I've seen this intermittently with our mail server - more when we ran Notes than since moving to Exchange - and I think it's a timing issue. If the mailserver is busy, then requests from DataPump sometimes just hang with the results you describe. If you have detailed logs, it might be worth talking to the admins of the mailserver to see what they see going on their side.


              Reducing the number of large attachments being sent by mail is generally a good thing, anyway, so we've moved what we can to SharePoint. But we've still got some users who think that having an Excel file emailed to them every week is "business intelligence"...


              All the best,