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    Tables - Pivot problems and Formatting

      I have a bunch of questions regarding the table.


      1. It seems like the table in Datawatch is only functional as a pivot table, which has some limitations in a couple use cases.


      => What if you are just reporting numbers or data in a table format?  It seems like you cannot sort the "Breakdown" columns, but if I'm reporting data - I would like to sort by the Breakdown columns.  Actually, if I'm just reporting data in a table format, then the "Breakdown column" is unnecessary for me, but I am forced to use it.


      => If my table looks like this:


      Desk, Portfolio, Strategy => Breakdown Columns

      Stdev => Visual Members

      The problem here is that when I collapse by Portfolio, none of the aggregation functions are suitable to get the correct standard deviation of Portfolio_A and Portfolio_B.  Is there a way to input my own standard deviation number?   

      2. Formatting: I cannot choose the column width of my Breakdown columns.  Some of the names are cutoff.  Is there some way around this?