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    Using Datamodler & Datapump to extract data and pass through a process

    Simon Knowd

      I have a datapump process which consists of roughly 160 different projects.  The first step of the process extracts data that is used to feed the remaining 159 steps.  On the first line of the data input for the 1st project of the process the row contains 2 essential pieces of data that I need to carry through the whole process (a Start Date and an End Date for the period for which the data pertains to)


      I need to extract the start and end dates in step 1, and then pass them through all the remaining 159 steps so that I can use them to in the export filenames for the remaining 159 processes, (ie <client Name>-<Start Date>-<End Date>.xls) but I cannot add the dates to the data being exported from step 1, or to the data being exported from any of the subsequent steps


      Any help on this would be much appreciated