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    Utility tool for dmod and dprj files


      Hi there,

      When will the new Modeller Utility tool be out, in order to convert file paths (lookups, exports, etc) within the new binary dmod and dprj file types?

      Modeller forgets / clears all linked and selected fields as soon as a file path is changed (while file contents are similar, just the path to it is different - e.g. uns). Would be helpful to have this 'bug' fixed as well. It would be helpfull to have a batch converting tool anyway, like Utilities was for Monarch xmod and xprj files.



      Stahl Holdings BV

      the Netherlands

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Koen,


          Right now, there's no option to edit a dprj or dmod (e.g. to convert C:\ paths to \\server\ paths when you want a model or project to run on Automator) apart from manually opening the project and model in Modeler.


          That's fine for someone deploying a new installation, but a pain for anyone migrating from desktop automation with local paths. You need to use Utility on the xmods and xprjs first.


          It's also a pain when you want to clone a process - copying a bunch of models and projects from one folder to another - or when you have a change like year-end which requires a load of paths to be fixed.


          I'll raise this with Datawatch because I think this needs to get addressed, quickly.


          Best wishes,



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              Hi Olly,


              Thanks for your reply. Seems that we have the same issue / pain.


              The thing for us (Stahl) is that we've just installed Datawatch Automater, which needs the UNS paths and it located on another machine anyway. On top of that, Automater seems to have issues with xprj files when converting them to Defined Objects. In the cases where we are fortunate, we still work with xmod and xprj files. To get it working in Automater we

              1) use utility to adjust the file paths in xmod / xprj files;

              2) use Modeller to convert xprj to dprj files;

              3) upload the dprj in Automator for Defined Objects.


              However for the projects which are already built in Modeller (i.e. dprj) we basically have to rebuild the entire models and projects. As soons as you change the datasource (e.g. csv files) or external lookups, Modeller clears all settings in terms of linking columns and selected colums + field names...


              So in my opinion Datawatch should either roll back to non binary files (XML) so we can adjust these issues in Notepad(++) or there should be a Utility tool on a short term + the above mentioned bug / issue should be fixed in Modeller.


              Thanks for addressing the issue. Please keep me posted on the progress.




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              Any news on this matter?