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    Modular batch files

    CheshireMike _

      We are upgrading from Monarch 9 to Modular 12. We have a number of batch files that we use with Monarch 9 to create reports. However, I can't find anything about using command line commands with Modular 12 to create these reports. Is this possible, and if so, can someone point me in the right direction?




        • Modular batch files
          Olly Bond

          Hello Mike,


          Support for desktop automation (using batch files, or COM) existed in desktop Monarch from v1 to v11.4.


          Since Monarch v11.5, it's an additional licence cost. Unless you have bought the extra automation licence for Modeler, then your batch files won't work.


          There are a few other issues to look out for - I think it might be helpful to connect by email.


          Best wishes,



            • Modular batch files
              CheshireMike _

              Thanks for responding to my post. How can I check to see what license I have? It looks like we just purchased the Modeler 12.0.2 Standalone version, which I am assuming is the wrong version. If so, can you give me the link for the version we need to purchase? Thanks for the help.