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    Two Column Invoice

    Kristie R

      I have a pdf invoice that has two columns. The beginning of the record may be in column 1 or 2 and the ending of the record in the opposite column.

      I have tried using the MCR function but not getting it to work.


      How can I capture the data from both columns as needed?


      I am having some issues with data bleeding over. I can use the cleared by and select a model but data appears a record behind. This may have something to do with Groupfooting/detail/append.


      Any help is appreciated.


        • Two Column Invoice
          Olly Bond

          Hello Kristie,


          This sounds like fun. Yes, it can be done, but it will need two models.


          The first model will just grab all the data in the line, per column, then re-sort based on the Page() and Column() fields.


          Then export this table as a fixed width text file, and process it using templates in a second model.


          Hope this helps,



            • Two Column Invoice
              Kristie R

              So I created a detail template to capture column 1 and column 2. I did a page header to capture the page number.

              If I sort it does not look as needed. I need page 1 column 1 then column 2 to create a single column I think to caputre how needed.

              I exported and tried making templates from this and not seeing what I need to see. My templates look good in report form but when I go to data sheet view I don't have what I need.