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    New courier 10 as standard font

    Guy Chowning

      How can I make New Courier 10 the standard font I see in all reports, tables, summary, and exports that I use in version 12

        • New courier 10 as standard font
          Olly Bond

          Hello Guy,


          The xmod file suggests the data is stored as model-specific:




          ...but Monarch picks up these values from the registry.


          Some organisations impose a standard - network paths, default locations for saving models etc, which is put into the registry for every machine when Monarch's installed.


          Can you edit your registry?


          Best wishes,



            • New courier 10 as standard font
              Grant Perkins

              Just to qualify Olly's post a little.


              I think the initial Font default is always picked from the registry as the default when a new model is created but if you change the font information to something specific it will be stored in the model when it is saved.


              At least that is what I would expect. It might be nice to have the options to set new defaults at the base level for a new model. Editing the registry is not a well recommended task even for those will access allowed!