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    Incompatible Project Inputs Exception

    Alca _



      Recently moved to Datapump V11.4.6 and I'm currently migrating everything over from v8.5.2.2


      I have an error I have never seen before.



      Failed: DwchServer.IncompatibleProjectInputsException: The process specifies a combination of xprjs whose input specifications are incompatible with each other. at DwchServer.ProcessHandler.RunProcess(ServerDB db, JobRow job, JobLog log, ConnectionObject connObj)[/B]



      Multiple projects use the same input file, which seems reasonable to me.


      The projects themselves run in a sequence eg. CB_R2757, CB_R2757B,CB_R2757C, CB_R2758, CB_R2758B etc. At the end of each numerical sequence, input distribution was added to move the source data. I remember that there was a glitch with input distribution so I have removed that from all the projects, but the same error is still coming up.


      Anybody seen this, if so, what am I missing? This is a new one to me, and I'v seen most errors on Datapump!


      Just had a closer look at what these projects are doing. Its a very old process and its not been built efficiently, but project A is exporting a table, project B is exporting a summary and so on. Im wondering if the input file isnt being released quickly enough at the end of project A, for project B to pick it up. The jobs running on a server, so all the processes are running a bit quicker compared to the old desktop datapump install. If theres not a workaround, i guess it going down the route of a rebuild, but I'd prefer to avoid that if I can due to aggressive timescales for the migration work.




      Alan Cathcart

        • Incompatible Project Inputs Exception
          Olly Bond

          Hello Alan,


          For this, in v11, you're in luck - you can open the models in v11 and import summary definitions as linked objects. You might even be able to hack the XML xprj files to get the project export definitions into one project.


          Have you checked "one project per job" for the process? Does that help? What about the retry settings on Prerequisites?


          Best wishes,



            • Incompatible Project Inputs Exception
              Alca _

              Cheers Olly,


              1 project per job worked. its all I need for now due to time pressures. Ill tighten it all up when we reach implementation.


              Its little things like this I didnt expect when moving from 8.5. Perhaps its due to jumping so many versions, who knows.


              Grateful for the advice,