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    Export View fails

    Guy Chowning

      CreateDataSource failed.


      I cannot get Export to work? Is there a simple sample that explains this for version 12.01?


      Guy Chowning

        • Export View fails
          Olly Bond

          Hello Guy,


          I just created an export from Classic.prn and Lesson10.xmod, and export the table to an Excel file on the desktop without problems.


          Running export job Export1

          Export job Export1:

              Export1 - Completed

                  149 records written to C:\Users\Olly\Desktop\export.xls

                  Export time: 00:00:00.1

                  Reader type: completed full build

          Total time: 00:00:00.1


          Give me a call if you want to go through it step by step.


          Best wishes,