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    Monarch Data Pump 10.5 Running On Windows Server 2008 - Script Problem

    Adrian Ciobanu



      We have an implementation of Monarch Data Pump (MDP) 10.5 that is running on Windows Server 2003. We need to upgrade the OS to Windows Server 2008. While testing this, I was running an MDP process that has some Post Process Script, which I tried compiling using the Compile/Run Button in the Script Editor window. While running OK under Windows 2003, under Windows Server 2008 it produces the following error message: Error compiling script: Microsoft.Vsa.VsaException: AssemblyNameInvalid (0x80133005)[/B].


      Using the message text, I have searched the Forum and found an article from 2007, titled “[B]Script Help[/B]” which mentions a design change in .NET Framework 2 (running on later OSs) which causes the VBA runtime to fail when trying to compile script for MDP. It links to a Microsoft article called “[B]FIX: Custom applications that use the Visual Studio for Applications Visual Basic Runtime may be unable to compile macros or to run macros[/B]”  and here is the link: [URL="http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928208"]http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928208[/URL]. They provide a fix in that article, but I could not apply it on my new server, as it fails with a message of “[B]This fix is not applicable to your machine.[/B]” or something like that.


      My question is: is MDP 10.5 working under Windows Server 2008? And if yes, do you have any suggestion about how to deal with the error I get?


      Thank you very much.