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    Calculated Field - Assign a default value when extracted field is empty

    sonntagc _

      i am extracting data from my detail template.  however, not every record will have data in the field.  i need to address two situations.


      (1)  if contents of text FLD-A are empty, then assign (re-assign) field contents of FLD-A to be devault value of "***".


      (2) if contents o text FLD-A are empty, check contents of numeric FLD-B.  then assign(re-assig) field contents of FLD-A, based on the following;


      if FLD-B < 0 , then set FLD-A to "NOT Allowed"

      if FLD-B < 101 , then set FLD-A to "Basic Plan"

      if FLD-B < 501 , then set FLD-A to "Enhanced Plan"

      else set FLD-A to "Premium Plan"


      THX for any help.