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    Display Width vs. Template Width

    econ664 _

      It's never been clear to me what exactly is the difference between the display width and the template width in the field properties box.


      I know you have to increase the display width value at times to accommodate longer fields in a floating trap, but I've never really understood the difference.


      Could someone explain it to me?

        • Display Width vs. Template Width
          Olly Bond

          Hello econ,


          There are three values for a field, two in the report window - template width, data length - and on in the table window - display width.


          Let's imagine we've got sample data like:


          Wild-card weekend


          4 January


          Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts (4.35pm)

          New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles (8.10pm)


          5 January


          San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals (1.05pm)

          San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers (4.45pm)


          Divisional playoffs


          11 January


          New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks (4.35pm)

          Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots (8.15pm)


          12 January


          San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers (1.05pm)

          San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos (4.40pm)[/CODE]


          Let's imagine we're trapping the Detail line on "Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts (4.35pm)" using a floating trap on ßatß and ß( to get the Away teams and Home teams.


          Away would have a template width of 18 for Kansas City Chiefs in the sample, and Home would have 18 also. But we might need edit the data length of the fields to at least 19 for the 49ers Away and 20 for the Packers at Home. The template width in the sample line will remain 18, but Monarch will now to expand the field to the data length when the floating traps are found to be further apart. You could set the data length of a character field to the maximum of 254, but (at least until v12) this risked running out of room, as the database format (JET) that Monarch prior to v11 was limited to a total of 2000 characters across all fields. I forget whether v11 allowed 4000 characters total per record using the Access Database Engine, but I think the limit is definitely increased in the local SQL in v12. The size of the field in the database is the data length. In the table, you could set the display value of the field to 0 (hidden), 1, or anything you wanted for formatting. This has no impact on the database size.


          If you edit the template on a different sample line, Monarch will complain. It wants the positions of the floating traps to match the sample line.


          Best wishes,