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    Numeric Or Trap

    econ664 _

      I'm sorry if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find any information on it on the forums here or in the documentation.


      Could someone explain to me the use of the Numeric Or trap? I've been playing around with it but I don't understand how it really works.


      Thank you,

        • Numeric Or Trap
          Olly Bond

          Hello econ664,


          Imagine trapping a bank statement where some entries have a value in the Credit column, some in the Debits, but none in both. You can use the numeric or trap to select those rows which have a number in either column. If you tried to use the N numeric trap, defining this in both columns would result in trapping no rows.


          It's also very helpful when dealing with PDFs where the data might not line up so nicely.


          Hope this helps,