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    Number of Discontinuous Episodes

    pth3x _

      How to calculate the number of contiguous-day episodes of a particular treatment during a hospital stay?

      The data below shows that the patient had 2 consecutive-day episodes of High-Flow Oxygen therapy during their hospital stay: 4/4/13-4/6/13, and 4/9/13-4/10/13.


      Date______________Treatment_____________URM_     Patient

      4/3/2013___________Nonpressurized Inhalation_2____Doe, John

      4/4/2013___________High-flow Oxygen________1____Doe, John

      4/4/2013___________CPAP__________________1____Doe, John          

      4/5/2013___________High-flow Oxygen________1____Doe, John

      4/6/2013___________High-flow Oxygen________1____Doe, John

      4/7/2013___________Nonpressurized Inhalation_2____Doe, John

      4/7/2013___________Arterial Blood Gas_______1_____Doe, John

      4/8/2013___________Nonpressurized Inhalation_2_____Doe, John

      4/9/2013___________High-flow Oxygen________1_____Doe, John

      4/10/2013_________ High-flow Oxygen________1_____Doe, John

      4/11/2013__________Nonpressurized Inhalation_2_____Doe, John

      4/12/2013__________Nonpressurized Inhalation_2_____Doe, John


      The answer I seek is the number of episodes, i.e. 2.

      After despairing of how to get the answer in Monarch, I tried using Excel contiguous reference shape functions - but got stuck there as well.

      Is there any way to do this in Monarch?

        • Number of Discontinuous Episodes
          Olly Bond

          Hello pth3x,


          Yes, you can do this in Monarch. You'll need to filter to get just those records for the treatment where there isn't a record for the same treatment on the previous day, and then summarise this using count() as the measure.


          There's a simple approach in two models. Depending on the layout of the source report it might be possible to hack something in a single model if you need to use it in Server.


          Best wishes,