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    Colouring column in Summary

      I am preparing a summary report which require display colour based on the range of %. For example,below 80 is black, 80-90 is blue ,90-95 is yellow and 95-100 is green.


      Any advice how I can do this in Monarch Pro 11.6?



        • Colouring column in Summary
          Olly Bond

          Hello Foong,


          You can edit the colour of the measures in the Coloring and Limits tab.


          Select "override default coloring for selected groups" and enter the boundary values (say, 90, 95).


          Monarch will let you have three colours (lower limit below 90, "normal" between 90 and 95, and higher values above 95), and you can define the formatting of the text and cell background for these.


          I don't think there's any way in Monarch 11 to show four or more colours for this sort of exercise, but it might be something you could tackle in the new Datawatch Desktop visualization tool.


          Best wishes