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    DataPump SQL Compatibility

      We have 10.5 and on the requirements it says SQL 2008 one of the requirements.  Will 10.5 work with SQL 2008R2?  It is a very different system than 2008 so we wanted to make sure we could upgrade our SQL server to R2 without any issues with Monarch DataPump.



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          Olly Bond

          Hello charris,


          I've not heard of any issues - ours is now on v11.6 and SQL 2012, so I can't confirm anything for you. V10 reaches end of support on 31 December this year, so it might be worth checking now with support while it's still available.


          Best wishes,



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              Yes we are in discussions to upgrade that but the DBA was upgrading the test server and asked if he could go to R2 on it because he didn't want prod and test to be different versions as of right now.  If we aren't too sure we can wait till fully upgrade.


              Thanks for the info.