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    How to use MCR and the Column () Functions

    biGdata _

      ...just when you think you are in the clear..you are not.


      Anyone out there that explain the MCR and Column combo?  I have a set of data that one page will have a section (append template) populated with one line...




      the next page nothing.


      page three you ask?  It will have that section populated with 3 lines/records, or 4...or 8 sometimes...


      The problem is the append template will only grab one instance of that record.


      A wise man told me that by using the MCR template and the Column () function you can make up 20 copies of each line on a page..then use some wizardry to bring the 'blob' back to the state it is needed where all records (up to 20) are displayed on individual lines.




      Page 1:








      abcdefghi   (detail)


      Page 3:







      abcdefghi   (detail)




      Page 3:






      abcdefghi   (detail)



      Result set should look like:


      abcdefghi   12345  abcdefgh

      abcdefghi   12346  abcdefgh

      abcdefghi   12347  abcdefgh

      abcdefghi              abcdefgh

      abcdefghi   12348  abcdefgh


      the key is the top 3 records.  My results skip by the top two and only give me:


      abcdefghi   12347  abcdefgh


      which is the first append up from the detail template..


      all records are needed no matter if they have that middle data or not.




        • How to use MCR and the Column () Functions
          Olly Bond

          Hello BigData,


          If you're stuck on v10, then I'd suggest avoiding this technique, as there's a bug around the ordering of the last two columns of the last row of the page. This is fixed in 11.8 and above. Datawatch Modeler also supports 100 columns, not the old limit of 40.


          Are you planning to run this process in an automated way or just manually? Do you need it to be verified? If you build it, who has to support it? Have your other users got the Monarch skills to confidently debug and adapt models using Column()?


          If you're building a critical business process around the handling of these reports, it might be worth looking at some of other issues that are involved, and not simply at the technique of treating the missing detail problem using the multi-column region.


          Best wishes,



            • How to use MCR and the Column () Functions
              biGdata _



              v 11.8.  We are a maintenance paying client through 2014.  The talks of migrating to v 12 in a production environment will continue to grow into the new year as deliveries continue to occur.


              The limit has been given to me of 20 records at any given time.


              Automated fashion.  As the builder I will be the supporter moving forward...with hopes of support company wide ...with success.  


              I will be looking into a one on one consultation with a Monarch professional down the road.  If we are to deliver our results to our clients using Monarch's capabilities the training as an entity will become easier to justify.