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    What's new in Datawatch Version 12?  Join me on Thursday for a customer webcast.

      As you know, this is a very exciting time for us here at Datawatch given the recent acquisition of Panopticon Software AB, a privately held Swedish company specializing in the delivery of real-time data visualization solutions. Based on the integration of the acquired visual data discovery technology, Datawatch has rebranded its entire product line to reflect Datawatch’s unique capability to now deliver high impact visual data discovery capabilities against any sources of data regardless of its structure and the velocity in which it is delivered, be that static or real-time.


      We invite you to a sneak peek of the newest capabilities in Datawatch Version 12! Attend our webcast and see why we’re so excited.


      During our event we will demonstrate:


      What’s better than ever[/B]

      Design and develop models to visualize less than structured data from sources supported by the former Datawatch Monarch Professional product (now Modeler).


      See what you’ve been missing /B

      See how to visually explore your data from Modeler in one click right from your desktop.


      Leverage what you’re doing[/B]

      Become the company hero by easily sharing and automating the execution of the models you’ve built across your department, division or throughout the enterprise.


      Don’t miss our special offer, register today! As an existing Datawatch champion we would like to make you a special offer just for attending our webcast. Tune into our event on November 14 to learn more!  To register [URL="http://at.datawatch.com/webcast-WhatsNewInV12-111413?mc=Sales"]click here[/URL]