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    Models return different results for Line() function

    JeffRosenberg _

      Hi all,


      I have a number of different models that I'm running against a set of reports, all of which include a simple calculated field that consists only of the Line() function. For some reason, the result will sometimes differ by 1 between different models for the same report. Any ideas about what would cause this?


      I'm pretty new to Monarch, so I don't really know what sort of information I can post here to assist in answering my question. If there's more information that would be helpful, please just let me know.



        • Models return different results for Line() function
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Jeff and welcome to the forum.


          The Line() function has fairly limited application and simply returns the line of the page on which a record appears. Typical usage would be to combine it with a Page() function calculated field for some sort of audit purpose or one or two more obscure methods for handling challenging report formats.


          My only immediate suggestion is that there is something about the models that is different in the way they understand what a 'page' is. In particular what indicates the beginning of a page.


          What sort of input reports are you using? Text, PRN, PDF or something different?


          As a generic starting point it might be worth checking the "Options" settings for each of the models, especially the Input options to ascertain if there are any differences. Other than that maybe take a copy of each model and modify the detail trap to pick up the whole of every line and then see which line is missing (or gained) between the models  - that might give you a clue about where to look.


          Beyond that I'm not sure that you can post anything for this particular problem on the forum. If you are in a position to share the report (i.e. it's not considered sensitive by your company) then I would be happy to take a look if you can make the a report and model examples available by, say, email or some other method.


          I don't have a running version of 11.6 handy but do have 11.7.


          Hope this help.