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    Problem opening up Excel 2013 files in Monarch (v11.8)

    AlexM _

      Has anyone else experienced any problems opening up .xlsx files in Monarch saved via Excel 2013? Just getting the "Not Responding" message. The only cure seems to be to force Monarch to close, resave the Excel file either in Excel 2010 or to another format.


      Currently running 32-bit version of Excel and Monarch v11.8 (32-bit) on a Windows 7 PC (64-bit).


      Thanks for any help,



      • I should also mention that the version of Monarch doesn't appear to be specific to the issue as I get the same result with Monarch v10.5. I can only suspect that something in Microsoft's revision of the Open XML format in Excel 2013 is causing the problem. (Note: The file size seems smaller than an equivalent one saved in Excel 2010.)


        • Problem opening up Excel 2013 files in Monarch (v11.8)
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Alex,


          FWIW I can reproduce this on my machine. Win 7 Pro 64bit, Monarch 11.7 (64bit in my case). No certainty about whether the original Excel file was produce in 32 or 64 bit but I suspect that is not an issue here and now.


          I get a classic 'hang' and typical MS error message. Google suggests the error type is quite common across many Microsoft Office products over the years. It does not seem to favour any particular OS version or bitness.


          The Monarch log file just stops of course but it may help Support to provide it.


          I seem to remember some sort of conversation that involved a problem of this nature but as I had not seen it for myself at the time the details swept over me.


          Mind you, I thought I was going mad just now when I could not find the folder for the log file. For some reason the system seems to have decided to hide it from me. No idea why. I can see it with a search and access it thorugh there - it just fails to appear on the Explorer windows. That's never been a problem before and I am not aware of anything I may have changed in Settings to make the folder invisible so one starts to wonder exactly what is going on ...


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