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    Page Headers in Monarch 10.5

    Jim Weeks



      I'm using page headers in some summary output files.  I can't seem to control the width of the page header itself.  1) I have the header lines left justified but it wants to put two additional, blank columns to the right. And it makes the left hand column that the actual header lines appear in WAY wider than it needs to be.  2) Then the actual data being displayed underneath the header does not expand to the right enough so the right border of the entire report (header and data) do not line up.  It creates a VERY blocky, unsightly report.


      Help would be GREATLY appreciated!


      Thanks in advance!


      Jim Weeks

        • Page Headers in Monarch 10.5
          Scott Eshleman

          Hey Jim,


          I want to try to replicate your issue and need a few more details.

          Please correct me if I make any wrong assumptions.


          I'm assuming that you're exporting to an Excel file(s). 

          How many columns of Detail does your Summary(s) contain?

          It sounds as though you have entered your own Column Headings in the Summary's Page Header and are trying to align them with the columns of Detail below.


          The 2 extra columns that you're describing in the Header Row

          are likely the "Center Aligned" and the "Right-Aligned" page header fields that are created even without entries that define them.