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    Monarch - An unexpected error occured while building the data view

    Alca _



      My company have just moved from Monarch V8 to V11.6.


      I previously had projects which used a datawarehouse as the data source. Iv managed to solve the issue I previously had about not seeing views by using OLE rather than ODBC and thats fine now.


      The way I got the old projects working was doing a bit of cut n paste out of a new project into the old one in notepad, that way I got the new credentials I needed to make the old project work.


      After a bit of tinkering, iv got 3 working, and once I got one working, I used that as a master template, simply copying an entire section of xml into new projects and tweaking model names etc.


      now im getting the error above, and for the life of me, cant explain why.


      Any ideas?

        • Monarch - An unexpected error occured while building the data view
          Grant Perkins

          Perhaps unrelated but as I recall there are some strict order of line issues in the models/projects and small anomalies are not always obvious.


          Now, 7 times out of ten problems of this nature, in my experience, come down the the 'proof reading' problem  - there may be an error in the text but is is so familis or sort of 'hidden' that no matter how many timess we read it we don't see it.


          Or there may be something different in the process that is not working for the instructions provided.


          Another possibility is some sort of problem with the data - either coincidentally to your work and so unrelated to it or because something else has changed and the application is not longer working in exactly the same way as it did in V8 for some nuance or other.


          Windows Event log and the Monarch logging options might offer some information but if course if it someting very rarely experienced you may not find much that will help.






            • Monarch - An unexpected error occured while building the data view
              Alca _

              thanks Grant.


              You wouldnt know of any way that can be used to change any projects developed in v8 to v11? At the moment Iv had to revert back to V8 to do buildwork for a project test phase, but Im also baring in mind that I also have a datapump server sitting there with V11 datapump on it, and a multitude of v11 monarch licences about.


              If theres not a utility to convert v8 data (projects/models), do Datawatch provide a support  facility in this instance to assist with rebuilding?


              My company has a support contract in place, and we have 3 days of datawatch consultancy already in place for the v11 implementation. Guess I'm just trying to assess what the options are here.

                • Monarch - An unexpected error occured while building the data view
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Alan,


                  Support contracts cover the upgrades and technical support, and Datawatch provide (very good) consultancy to assist with installations. I've seen some independent service providers offering Monarch training - including desktop resellers in France and Germany - but there's not been any enterprise-level consultancy around the platform. Some of the Datawatch pre-sales consultants have done some decent proof-of-concept stuff. It's a tricky one - you know your business better than any outsider, and the whole idea of Monarch is that you don't need a programmer to help you get the data you need. But getting the most out of Monarch requires more than just technical support - you might want some advice on best practice, some skills audit to make sure the right colleagues have the right training, and some documentation or audit process to keep a grip on the models and projects and processes you're deploying. And technical support explicitly doesn't cover your models and projects.


                  For a v8 to v11 upgrade, your xmod and xprj files will migrate fine. Exporting processes from SQL server as XML and re-importing into another DataPump instance was introduced in v10, so it might be a pain to rebuild the DataPump processes (but a good opportunity to review and audit them). I think the model and project format might develop further in future versions - but don't expect this to impact the DataPump process descriptions in the short term. How many processes, involving how many models and projects, are you running in v8? If it's a lot, it might be worth migrating in steps to v9 and v10 if the upgrade of the SQL database is critical.


                  Best wishes,



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                Bill Chamberlin

                Rebuild access or reinstall access that is what fixed it for me.