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    More than 1024 reports in Monarch Pro V11.5

    Tommy Choong



      I just realized that Monarch can only open maximum 1024 reports (txt), what is the best workaround for dealing with more than 1024 files?


      Should I Export all my data into an excel file and append it? and then open the excel file as source data?

            1. I can't able to append if I closed all and reopen the same model file and the remaining report files(txt), because the "append" button is "grey-out".


            2. I have to create a project export and run it for exporting the first 600 report files, and then close "1-by-1" (600 times) the report file, subsequently open the remaining 600 report files and run again the export, it works this way. Is there any way to close all report files together?

        • More than 1024 reports in Monarch Pro V11.5
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Tommy and welcome to the forum.


          The answer may depend on what you need the output to do. It reads like you want the results form all the input files in a single output table - is that correct?


          Also how you can identify the 1200 input files.


          Your solution 2 could perhaps be run as 2 projects if you can control the selction of the input files somehow.


          Or could you concatenate all of the .txt files into a single file before you ask Monarch to process it?


          As you have no doubt realised the 1024 files is a programmatical limitation that few users (to my knowledge) have regularly come up against. I would guess that future technology advances will elimiminate the limit - but that does not help you right now.


          Perhaps you could just 'close all' and then run the project again for the second batch of reports? It should be possible to append to an existing output file but sometimes getting the steps just right can be a challenge.




            • More than 1024 reports in Monarch Pro V11.5
              Tommy Choong

              Hi Grant,


              Many thanks for your kind reply and guides.

              Yes, that is correct, and

              Regarding the append data into an existing excel file, i did the following but the result is still negative:


              Normal export table without filter > save as (browse to the same excel file, check the "add data to file") > Now I see the Table name and the 3 "grey-out" options for "when output table exist".

                     - If I fill in the same table name ("Untitled") and click next, I got "Output was skipped" result.

                     - Same result if I change the table name to something else.

                     - I can't able to check the "add data to existing table" option in the "Table name" screen.


              Is there anything I missed during my export?


              Best regards,