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    PDF Documents shifting data to the left

    roldgoldberg13 _

      Monarch Pros,

      I am having an issue with capturing data from pdf docs, where the data in only some files is getting condensed and shifted to the left of the page.  I have 10 pdf files all being saved the same way and coming from the same source.  5 of them are fine and are being converted correctly with the model I've built.  The other half of them look exactly the same when you open them as pdfs.  However when I open them in Monarch, the data is getting shifted to the left of the page, and it is condensing the spaces between columns to one space.  Does anyone have an idea of what's going on?  I've been working with pdfs in Monarch for 2 years now and have never seen this happen.




        • PDF Documents shifting data to the left
          Olly Bond

          Hello Josh,


          The PDFs might be spaced differently for two reasons - the way they are generated (a different version of Acrobat or whichever of the hundreds of other tools that write PDFs?) or the amount of text and space on a line has triggered Monarch to suggest different scaling. It might not be the line that's changed, it could be triggered by the relative amount of text on a header line that has caused the behaviour to differ.


          Can you share the data and model?


          Best wishes,