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    Use field filter to convert one PDF file to many PDF files

    Scotto13 _

      I want to take a PDF file with many sections.  Each page has the hospital floor number on the top.  I created a field called Floor.


      Is there a way to take to report and output it to multiple pdf files filtered on this field?


      I don't suppose the formatting of the report would stay intact?  That needs to be there - lines and boxes and such. 


      Any ideas?  Other software besides CutePDF?

        • Use field filter to convert one PDF file to many PDF files
          Olly Bond

          Hello Scotto,


          You could recreate the look and feel of the report as a summary in Monarch, and then make the Floor the first key value, and then export the summary (in 9 or above I think) so that exports are generated based on each change in the first key value. Lines and boxes won't be preserved in the summary method in desktop Monarch.


          A report export won't split that way, but you could export a PDF from the report window with a navigable tree of bookmarks which would let people browse to the data they need.


          There is an alternative using Datawatch|ES - which is to use XSLT stylesheets to recreate the design of the PDF in a web page. The document level security in ES would then allow you to decide who could see the data for which floor.


          Hope this helps,