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    Monarch V11.6 Stylesheet error

    Alca _



      when I have the report open with a model/project layed over the top I get this error when I click on model or project information..


      The XML page cannot be displayed

      Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. /B



      System error: -2146697211. /B



      Initially the error stated that it couldnt find the stylesheet files in a specific folder..C:\Program files\Monarch.


      My installation was placed in C:\Prgram Files\Datawatch\Monarch\Program..and my IT dept has been trying to do a manual install to the 1st path to see if this works but they cant deploy to that location.


      As a workaround, i created my own folder and coppied the stylesheet files to that, but I'm getting the same error.


      Has anybody seen this before, and if so, how did you fix it?


      Also, is anybody running v11.6 on XP? I am at the moment, and we moved to the new version in preparation for Win7 early next year, but performance wise, i think its a bit laggy at times, and I get the odd crash. How does it run on windows 7 for other users?


      Any comments welcomed on both issues.





        • Monarch V11.6 Stylesheet error
          Olly Bond

          Hello Alan


          There are two XSL files for models and projects which need to be in the right folder. It's odd - assuming you're running 32 bit Monarch 11 - for these not to have been installed cleanly into the right place. I've got an XP machine with 11.6 and haven't hit too many problems, but I'm using Win 7 for production now so haven't done much in 11 on XP for a while.


          Best wishes,