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    Summary Amount different from table amount issue

    Christy_71283 _



      I am having an issue where an amount being pulled into my Summary is different from the amount on the table. In the Summary it is $4,106 but when I do a "find on table" it is only $1,064, does anyone know of a reason Monarch might do this? I checked filters and everything, and just can't figure out what would cause it.


      I am using V9 of Monarch.


      Thank you,


        • Summary Amount different from table amount issue
          Olly Bond

          Hello Christy,


          The "Find in table" function will probably take you back just to the first entry in the table that corresponds to that summary total.


          If you double click the column in the summary, you'll probably see that the figure is calculated as Sum().


          The summary is adding up that field, from all the rows in the table which match the Key fields (the left hand columns of the summary).


          Also, the summary may be defined to work with a different filter than the one which is active in the table view.


          You can see examples of all of this working if you open Classic.prn and Lesson11.xmod from the tutorial files.


          Hope this helps,