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    Monarch 11.6 - Issue

    greywolf1978 _

      Good Day,


      We have recently installed Monarch 11.6 on one of our machines and hope someone can help out.


      We are getting an error when opening:


      An unexpected error occured while building the data view.


      Retreiving the COM Class Factory for Component with CLSID (insert long string here) failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered....


      We installed a 32 bit version of Monarch on a 64 bit server based on the recommendation of Datawatch.  It was indicated that monarch must match the bit version of the Office running on the machine (in our case Excel 2007 / Access 2007) and not the OS.  Now we are getting this error when attempting to open it.


      Any ideas?





        • Monarch 11.6 - Issue
          Olly Bond

          Hello Ron,


          Are you sure all the prerequisites are all installed? I think you need .NET 4.5.


          Best wishes,



            • Monarch 11.6 - Issue
              greywolf1978 _

              Thanks Olly.  The card that comes with it states 4.0 for the .Net version but we are going to try this.  The only issue we have with that is most of our machines in the company are running Windows XP.  .Net 4.5 requires Vista or better.  Oh well, time to upgrade. 


              I'll let you know how we make out.  I've read elsewhere that a DLL needs to be registered as a 32 bit application however the windows error messages give you zero information as to what. 


              Thanks again,