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    Use MS Access to run batch file

    Scotto13 _

      I want to create a form in Access to let users select pdf file on network folder then have the file go through Monarch model and output to Excel file. 


      I know how to do the form in Access.  I wondered how I would create the batch file and how is could use a selection control on my form where the user selected the file they want to put through the model. 


      The data isn't stored in Access, it's just the dev tool for the form.


      Make sense?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

        • Use MS Access to run batch file
          Scotto13 _

          If there is another way to push a rpt file through monarch I would like to hear about it.

            • Use MS Access to run batch file
              RalphB _

              Hi Scott and welcome to the forum.


              If you are familiar with VBA programming you can use that in Access to do what you want.  You can use VBA in any Microsoft products.  I use

              VBA to automate many jobs in both Excel and Access, depending on the need.


              Check out url=http://vortexml.datawatch.com/downloads/Monarch_8_Programmers_Guide.pdfProgrammers Guide[/url] for a list of Monarch Properties and Methods you can use.  It also gives you a couple of samples of programming.


              If you need help, there are several of us on the forum that will be willing to help.



                • Use MS Access to run batch file
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Scott,


                  You might also find some useful resources on www.********************[/url] - but a word of caution. The EULA for Monarch 11.5 and above explicitly forbids this kind of automation. More helpful, perhaps, would be to look at Datawatch|ES which is designed to give users exactly this sort of functionality. Ingest the report files into the server, let users log on through a browser, break reports flexibly into documents to give granular security, and let the users filter, sort, summarize and graph the data as they want. You also get annotations for team working, dashboards and a drill-up/down view, as well as the chance to find a record in a view of the source report itself.


                  I suspect that the per user pricing will be a lot less than putting Monarch Pro on each workstation, and I think there's even a rental pricing model for the cloud version.


                  Hope this helps,