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    Intermitent database issues

    Andy Hewitt

      I've developed a project that monitors a shared drive folder looking for ZIP files.  It takes the contents of the ZIP file (a single text file) and creates a mdb or accdb database from it.   The process names the database based on the name of the input file.  I thought I had the process working smoothly but I've run into issues that are being hard to figure out.   The process seems to be fine as long as i have more then 10000 records.   If there are less then that it does create the database but when I try to open it it get an error message that says.


      Microsoft Access,

      Error opening a Microsoft Excel 5.0 file.


      The database then disappears and access stays open. 


      I can runs various zip files through the same project and i get different results based on the size.


      It creates XLS files with no problems.  I can also append records to a static database and table.