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    Monarch 11.3 Running Very slow on Windows Server 2008 R2 (Standard)

    greywolf1978 _

      Good Day,


      We are noticing some issues recently with major slowdowns when running monarch on servers running monarch and Windows Server 2008 R2 (Standard) 64 Bit. 


      The source files (unformated text) and models have remained the same.  We actually have this issue now on two of our servers.  IT has looked at both boxes and determined the issue appears to be with monarch itself rather than any local resources.


      We run, on average, 100 models through monarch daily via command line scripting.  Monarch launches fine but then it takes a very long time on the Importing and Exporting records.  One script which used to take 45 minutes is now running 4.5 hours.  And with that, we have actually removed quite a bit from the script.


      I know this is not a lot of information to go on but just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar and have any suggestions.  We have noticed our monarch is a little behind on patches and there may be something that might be in one of those patches that will resolve the issue.  I'm having issues trying to find data on the Datawatch website which shows previous release notes. 


      ***As a note, if we run the same script on a Windows XP / Windows 7 machine, the script / monarch runs fine. ***



      Thank you in advance for any suggestions. 



        • Monarch 11.3 Running Very slow on Windows Server 2008 R2 (Standard)
          Grant Perkins



          Sorry, I have no exposure to Windows Server 2008 so can offer little help except to observe that things do seems to be a bit more challenging to preformance when using server products and so on.


          Have you already spoken to Support? If not I would if I were you. I could guess that ther emight be some Server 2008 settings that might offer an opportunity to re-tune performance - something that one did not have to worry about much in days past.





          Grant Perkins