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    HTM/HTML question

    Rebekah T

      Hi -

      I am attempting (for the first time) to utilize Monarch (V10.5) against a report presented in HTM format. I cannot get the report to open with Monarch from its native location on the network (although I can open it fine via the web browser) but if I copy the report to my desktop, Monarch can open it. I have not had this issue with TXT docs sitting in the same location - just HTM. Is there something that Monarch is looking for that is specific to HTM doc types?



        • HTM/HTML question
          Olly Bond

          Hello Rebekah,


          That sounds odd. I could open your question (http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?4474-HTM-HTML-question[/url]) in Monarch 11 without any problem - just using File, Open Report, and pasting in the URL. That might be a feature that was introduced in v11, though.


          Monarch is looking for something specific in HTML files though - which is the table structure. When Monarch finds , and

          tags, it interprets these to try to make sense of tables of information, and to strip out lots of gibberish that is hidden in the code of many web pages. Sometimes I wish it wouldn't, and prefer just to save the html file as .txt and use Monarch to trap on the tags I want myself.


          Best wishes,