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    Monarch pro v11 and later and automation

    Joel Heyman

      I had a conversation with a sales rep from Datawatch yesterday.  They said that starting with version 11 of Monarch, any sort of automation was not only not supported but also not possible.  In order for me to automate Monarch, I had to purchase DataPump.  Is this true?

        • Monarch pro v11 and later and automation
          Olly Bond

          Hello Joel,


          Ah, sales reps. You might ask the sales rep just how, exactly, the Monarch Audit Assistant works, as that's run by a script calling Monarch. From 11.5 on, the desktop licence agreement excludes automation, but it's actually still fully functional.


          The important point is not trying to close a deal as quarter end approaches, but finding a sensible strategy to automate your report mining going forward. The licence clause, as far as I can tell, is there to help prompt intelligent conversations with users, not to bamboozle them into an unnecessary upgrade.


          There are customers flagrantly abusing the desktop product to run hundreds of critical ETL processes, who should migrate to DataPump. Lots of users have too many copies of Monarch where the end user is just opening a model, not editing it, and they should migrate to Datawatch ES.


          Ideally all users should have maintenance in place, and I'd suggest you negotiate with your sales rep to find the best arrangement going forward. If you want a chat about the options, feel free to give me a call.


          Best wishes,