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    Project Export order

    Amadeus23 _

      Is there a way to adjust the order of project exports?  (other than right click, then click "move up").


      I have a model that has over 200 project exports, and most of which are in the wrong order.  For example, I would like the 20 at the bottom to be moved to the top of the order.  Is there somethign simple that I'm missing?


      (using Monarch 10.0)



        • Project Export order
          Olly Bond

          Hello Amadeus,


          At your own risk, and working with a copy of the project file, not the original, and working carefully in a decent text editor, you could open the .xprj file and move things around.


          This is not supported


          Having over 200 exports suggests to me that you could perhaps be making use of the export all filters function, or export all summaries, to give you wildcard exports.


          Best wishes,