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    Version 11--Customer Service?

    Julie Reeder

      We recently purchased version 11 of Monarch Professional, and so far, haven't had any luck getting the summary function to work.  Version 10 was working fine for us, but we received an email stating that we should purchase the new version before the price went up, so we did.  I have a case entered with support, but we are entering the 4th week of them looking at it to try and determine what the fix is, and in the meantime, I am stuck not being able to use one of the features that I use most often.  I called Sales to see if we could run our old version on two PC's until this was resolved, but they said that wasn't an option.  I'm just wondering if anyone is aware of any other numbers that I could try so that I can figure out a workaround until this is taken care of.  It's getting very frustrating not being able to use a product to its full extent--especially when we only purchased it because of the email that we received encouraging us to.  Thanks!

        • Version 11--Customer Service?
          Olly Bond

          Hello Julie,


          I'm no contract lawyer, but as v10 doesn't need an activation code, my advice would be to install it on those PCs until Datawatch fix the problem. I presume you're paying for maintenance, so the onus is on them to fix the issue.


          As for the technical side, it could be affected by a bunch of things - the size of your data, the power of the PCs, how many summaries are being built at once... What's going on under the hood in v11 is a switch from the JET engine to the Access Database Engine (ADE), a change in the interface to the ribbon, and a dramatic switch to an editable field list which forces Monarch to work in design mode and rendering mode at the same time. Instead of the old Report, Table and Summary windows, where you could only give Monarch one job to do at a time, you can have lots of tabs open, so how quickly things get built is dependent on what the active view(s) are, and it's easy for a user clicking around to give Monarch too much to do at once.


          If I can help with benchmarking anything here on v11 on a fast PC, please drop me a line.


          Best wishes,



            • Version 11--Customer Service?
              Julie Reeder

              Thanks Olly!  I only have one report loaded at a time in this caseand it's a downloaded report from Meditech to my network drive, so I'm not accessing anything from live tables.  It seems pretty simple to mejust need to add one department number to a summary and can't make it work.  Thanks for the heads up about the activation code.  Our IT staff uninstalled the old version and added 11.6 to my PC, so I wasn't aware of that. 



                • Version 11--Customer Service?
                  rick3352 _

                  I had a similar problem where after upgrading to version 11 from 10.5 reports suddenly I began to have problems.  The issue that I was having had to do with headers and subtotals in summary reports.  They would appear correctly when viewing the report but would not print.  They would appear if I exported the summary report say to Excel however.  I went round and round with support - of course they assumed that I didn't know what I was doing (I have been using Monarch since v3) but when they experienced the same problem when I sent them a copy of the data and the model they starting pushing the problem up the support ladder but in the end could not resolve the problem and concluded that there was a bug in v11 (that was not in v10.5).  I have lived with a work around by exporting to Excel then formatting and printing from there (a real hassle since I used to be able to print the report directly).


                  What brought me to the forum and prompted me to share my issue with v11 was that I just received an invoice to renew my maintenance subscription.  Upon checking in the forum I noticed that v11.6 had just been released (however I received no notice nor did Monarch upon launching indicate that was an update) - I am on v11.3.  Where's the value for a maintenance subscription.  If I am paying  for a maintenance program I would expect to be notified of new releases and patches - but I have never received any such notice.  For a program as expensive as Monarch is where's the support that that you have in virtually all contemporary programs to check for new releases each time it launches.  There might have been a fix for the problem I quickly encountered in v11 but I would never know without constantly checking to see if an update or patch has been released.