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    Editing Summary Measures takes too long

    pams_cf _

      I am not sure where to post what I think is a design flaw in the 11.5 version.  So here it is.


      I have a 12 month report that I need to change the months reported (measured).  In v9, this process takes 30 seconds.  In v11.5 it takes 1 1/2 minutes.  Previously you could double click on the measure and it would move to  the report window.  Now you have to select the field and then select to the left or to the right.  Previously to move a field to another position you could click and drag.  Now you must select the field and then select move left or move right repeatedly until it is in the correct position.  The drop down window for the Add closes after each Add.  It also covers up the 2nd line of field titles so it's a little hard to keep track of which fields have been added.  I am not seeing the benefit to the changes in the summary build.  Please explain.  Thank you.

        • Editing Summary Measures takes too long
          Grant Perkins

          I think what you have here is part of the joy of moving to the MS Office Ribbon type windows UI methodology for compatibility with new and future MS office products. There are some constraints that may prove difficult to code around. Sometimes the constraints are technical. Sometimes they are a requirement for the all important product compatibility authorisation.


          It never hurts to make suggestions for improvements though. This forum is, mostly, a user to user forum and as such is only partly "official" for providing suggestions. Creating a formal support case could be a better way to bring attention to your concerns. Either that or add the suggestion to the Future Features for Monarch thread. Perhaps both!


          From you description I take it that you need to edit your model(s) on a regular basis to make them useful for a current fiscal period. Is that correct?


          An alternative approach might be to seek to make the models dynamic so that automatically adjust according to the months being reported.


          If that sounds useful post back and I will seek out past discussions and other information that might help you move in that direction.




          Grant Perkins