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    Edit the number of lines in a detail template from a saved .xmod file from 5 to 4

    cstewart _



      My client has sets of Monarch models that relate to the standard reports that come from many different systems.  In the report I am working with now, the Detail template is a 5 line template that picks up around 24 data elements.  However, a better template would be a 4 line detail template because the report varies between 4 lines and 5.  The last data element would be more appropriately captured with a Footer template instead of a detail template as it only infrequently appears.


      Without starting from scratch with a whole Detail template, is there any way of redefining the existing Detail template from 5 lines to 4 lines.  I can't seem to find this functionality in the help or any of the options while editing the existing template.


      We are using version 10.5