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    Quick Access Tool Bar and Closing a Model

    Staceypouncey _

      Is there a way to add a shortcut to the quick access toolbar for closing just a model.  I know you can click on File Close Model, but it would be nice to have a shortcut.

        • Quick Access Tool Bar and Closing a Model
          RalphB _

          It has been quite some time since I used Monarch 8 so I cannot be sure of it.  I am not aware of any way of a user adding any new buttons to the toobar either. I am running Monarch V10.5 Pro and when I click on File on the menu bar in the drop down box on the right side of it where it says Close Model it lists the shortcut keys of Ctrl+D.  I think that would be true for the older Monarch versions as well.  That may solve your problem.


          This might be a feature Monarch may want to add to future versions of Monarch.