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    Filter: find the last occurence of multiple records

    karenTC _

      I have managed to create a good model but as there are multiple occurences for some customers, I want to filter and extract only the last record.  I could do this with excel (unique record) but would prefer to do this with Monarch to simplify things for the user who will be using the file I export.  Is this possible?


      Also, I am having issues with dates.  If I set the field format to date, it is inconsistently grabbing the data.  I can get around this, by making it character, but this could create issues, where it's imperative it is in a date format.  For example.

      Company Name

      Report Header

      From:01/01/13 To: 01/31/13

      In this situation, even though both the From and To are set to trap on line 3 of the header, it reads line 3 01/01/13 but reads Line 2 for 01/31/13 and therefore it's blank.  Go figure.

      In addition, it inconsistently reads another date on the first line of 3 line detail trap.

      I am using Monarch Pro 10.5


      Thanks for any help you can give me.