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    Strange Export Issue

    ZJSoule _

      Hello all,


      Just wanted to see if anyone else has ever encountered this.


      I am connecting to a SQL view via ODBC, and when I attempt to export a snapshot to .dbf format (for historical purposes), it exports two files, a .dbf and a .dbt?  When I attempt to open the .dbf in Monarch, it just hangs.  The .dbt is just random characters. 


      Any help solving this mystery is appreciated!



        • Strange Export Issue
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Zach,


          Not an area I know much about I'm afraid but your post prompted me to do a little research. You have probably done the same.


          This (see the section  for file types)




          suggests that the dbt file is a text file used for memo fields.


          That has me wondering whether your snapshot from sql is output to a non-compatible file type that Monarch does not cater for.


          Have you tried opening the snapshot file(s) using Excel or Access or something else that should have dBase file format read capability?


          Does your snapshot output file creation allow you to specify different versions of dBase for "compatibility"?






          • Strange Export Issue

            Like Grant, I've never used these types of files. In the help, I see that dBASE III, IV, and 5.0 are listed as input options.



            Just a thought - did you use Open Database instead of Open File in Monarch?  I see that if you do select a data source and browse for a local file, under file types *.dbf is an option for DBF Files.

              • Strange Export Issue
                ZJSoule _

                Hi all,


                I got around it by just exporting to an access file and using that instead.  Still kind of odd, I've never seen an export to a .dbf have an issue before, but SQL is a brave new world on my end.  Thanks for looking into it!