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    source file name in email distribution

    Andy Hewitt

      I have DATAPUMP process that starts by bringing in a text file.  The data gets processed by 4 projects and ends up exporting a xls file.   I'm trying to make the last project send out an email that contains the original file name not the final file name.


      something like:


      "Your was processed today at 0700."


      I need a way to pull in the original file name as a variable and add it to the message. 


      The &[filename]  displays the xls filename.


      Any Ideas




        • source file name in email distribution
          Olly Bond

          Hello Andy,


          You can try preserving the filename through the previous project exports, so if project1.xprj exports export1.mdb, rename that one instead as (filename).mdb. Using a wildcard input for project2.xprj should help you deal with any changes.


          I'm not in front of DataPump now to confirm whether you can use a calculated field as an export file name - I think you can, if you're exporting a summary where the File() is the hidden first key field.


          Best wishes,