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    Multiple line header with floating trap

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      I'm trying to get a floating header trap to work with multiple lines, but am now questions whether or not I can make it work.  I have a report which they have just changed the upper left portion of to add a jobname.  Because of that it shifted over some of the data I was trapping.  I'm trying to make this Monarch work for both the old and new reports.  So below I have two samples.  The first is the old way.  The second is the new way.  In the heading trap all I have now is an RPT over the RPT in line one.  The fields that are shifting that I am having issues with are field 1,2,3 and my report name.  I need report name, client, field 1, 2,3 and and the date.  Is this something a floating trap can handle? 



      OPTIONS--XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX           REPORT NAME                                                           RPTZZZZ

        FIELD1         Y                      CLIENT                                                                25FEB13 16:20

        FIELD2         Y                                                                                PAGE    1

        FIELD3         Y





      XXXXXXXXXX    OPTIONS--XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX      REPORT NAME                                                  RPTZZZZ

                      FIELD1         Y                 CLIENT                                                       18APR13 14:06

                      FIELD2         Y                                                                              PAGE    1

                      FIELD3         Y