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    Locking Cells in the Exported table

    Jean-Pierre Clermont



      I would like to know if it is possible to lock certains colums in a Exported Excel file. We would like to do that for audit purposes.


      I have an other question: Can Monarch screen scrap or those Dtawatch a software that allows you to do that.


      Thank you



        • Locking Cells in the Exported table
          Olly Bond

          Hello Jean Pierre,


          Monarch will let you encrypt an XLSX file, but I don't think it will let you lock individual columns. You might find the Monarch Context plugin for Excel useful - this lets you include a locked version of the original report that is linked from the cells in the table sheet. Datawatch sales should be able to give you a web demo or let you try it.


          For screen scraping I'll defer to Grant - he's got previous in this area.


          Best wishes,