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    Operand Types - error

    psrs0810 _

      I am trying to apply a filter on my data - The same filter that I have used for the past few years and now I am getting an Operand Type error and the filter will not apply.


      Why would this happen?


      I even rebuilt the filter and I am still getting the same error.


      Thank you

        • Operand Types - error
          Olly Bond

          Hello psrs,


          Can you copy and paste the filter expression into the thread? My guess is there's a trailing bracket or full stop that's off, or that your regional settings aren't happy.


          Monarch, what with Datawatch being a US company, defaults to using commas as logical separators in If(expression,truevalue,falsevalue) formulae and such.


          If your regional settings assume that the comma is a decimal character, this can give nonsense, which is why it's safer to use If(expression;truevalue;falsevalue).


          Another Monarch quirk is .or. and .and. and .not. - do these date from the days of dBase III? - are you sure the "."s are all present and correct?


          Best wishes,