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    Footer Issue

    Megan _

      I am having issues with the footer option.  In my data set I should see 10 records, and I do, except for when I go and add my footer.  When I add my footer the record count goes down to 9.  For the last record the footer is not present.  I just want this field to show up blank, but it is getting rid of the last record all together.

        • Footer Issue
          Olly Bond

          Hello Megan,


          Have you double checked the role of the templates? It might be that you're setting the Detail role to the wrong template, and should have an Append instead of a Footer. Hard to tell without a sample report. From what you say, it might be that you're trap characters for the two templates are the same, or that there's a multi-line template going on here, like an upside-down 'guru trap'. If you email the report and model over, I'd be happy to have a look.


          Best wishes,



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              Megan _

              I would love to send the report to you.  However, for confidentially reasons I am not allowed to provide it

              If I get some free time today, I will try to mock up my own dummy report.


              I am trapping my detail information, and the next set of information I want can be on the same line as the detail, it can be many lines before the detail, or it can be many lines after the detail.  I was capturing the information with the detail line.  I then created an append to get any information that happened before the detail line, and off of that I am doing a calculated field.  If the detail line is blank I take the information from the append.  Everything is good up to this point.  Then I add the footer in, and a line of data disappears and it seems to be doing that because there is no footer for the last record to pull.