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    Performance issues with Monarch v11

    DavidS _

      I just started using version 11.6 after many years using other versions. I have both v 9 and v 11.6 installed on my computer, and everything seems to take substantially longer with v 11. Exporting tables is taking more than 10 times longer, and even normal user interface tasks take longer. I would appreciate any words on wisdom on what to do about this; otherwise I'll have to go back to v 9 because I can't afford the extra time it's taking to do everything.

        • Performance issues with Monarch v11
          Olly Bond

          Hello David,


          There's so much that could impact performance - how much work you can get the graphics chip to do is one, where you're exporting to is another. I've seen odd behaviour on different systems and between the different point releases of 11.x. Any v9 model will open fine in v11, so there's no harm in using v9 to edit models if that's quicker. You can't use Cleared By, which handles so many complex report layouts, and you're limited to fewer Append and Footer templates, and there are fewer PDF import options, so watch out if your models make use of these 11.x features.


          I'd be delighted to have a chat about this, and bounce some ideas around about how Monarch could be improved. Please drop me an email if you'd be interested.


          Best wishes,