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    Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)

    Olly Bond

      Hello everyone,


      Sandy Cavalaris, who posted here as DataKruncher and ran the www.********************[/url] blog, passed away last week. For those who had the pleasure to get to know the man, he was as kind and generous in life as in his posts here.


      Sandy was active in these forums for ten years, during which he answered questions from over a thousand users, and his helpful posts have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. He also spoke at several user conferences, and ran his blog, and published an e-book - every one of these efforts driven by his desire to help more users get the most out of Monarch.


      All this was given freely - from the scripts and batch files on his blog, to the countless models he emailed users to help them out, and the tireless work behind the scenes beta-testing new versions of Monarch. It was no surprise that Datawatch honoured Sandy in 2008 with the Tom Whiteside Memorial Award for the Monarch Evangelist of the Year.


      Sandy's memorial service is on April 20th in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. I know that our Monarch community is scattered to the four corners of the world, but I hope that this thread can be our memorial to Sandy, and our way to remember his kindness.


      Best wishes,



        • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
          Joe Berry

          Thank you for posting this.  I never met Sandy, but I wrote an article for his blog.  After a couple of emails I felt like I knew him and had for years.  His energy and insight will be missed.

          • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)

            Thanks Olly for posting.  I met Sandy at the 2007 conference and kept in touch through a few emails.  He was passionate about Monarch and I think the community is better because of him. I dare say Datawatch lost one of their best support people.  I'm glad I took the time to email him when I did.  I wish I had taken more time to email him, and to encourage him.  I saw that he had responded to comments on his website this year.  He was helping and answering questions to the end.  


            With a smile on my face, I can picture a comic strip of him talking to Peter at the pearly gates suggesting the use of Monarch to make Peter's job easier.


            I miss him.

              • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                MCJoy _

                Our deepest condolences to his family. My husband (Nick Osdale-Popa) and I were fortunate to have met Sandy and his lovely family while they were vacationing in California, as well as at some Monarch events. He was truly a kind and generous man and he will be greatly missed.

                  • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                    Nick Osdale-Popa

                    A great friend. We worked on each others projects off-forum several times, whether it was an Excel issue or Monarch. He will be truly missed.


                    This was the last time we were together: Rainforest Cafe, Anaheim, April 2010


                    url=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8386/8634889537_43816e704c.jpgNick & Sandy


                    url=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8108/8635995460_3672e96112.jpgNick, Lisa and Sandy's Family[/url]


                    url=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8240/8635995620_3839b323e8.jpgChrisine & Sandy[/url]

                      • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                        DataExploiter _

                        I quickly signed on when I saw Sandy’s name, my excitement was that he healed and was back. This news is so devastating and unreal. I spoke with Sandy many times.

                        I was checking up on him for the time he told me he was not well. Last time we exchanged emails the results of the last chemo round was not good. But he was hopeful on getting accepted to a new experimental treatment program. I was so anticipating his come back to health.


                        Nick Osdale-Popa, thank you for posting the pictures!

                        Sandy was such an incredibly generous, kind, honest man.


                        Sorry but I’m still in a state of disbelief and shock. This news really hits me hard.

                        Oh Sandy my friend may you rest in peace. You have many friends some that you never meet that think about you and still carry your gifts of generosity, kindness and optimism in their soul to share that gift with others. God bless and RIP

                          • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                            Steve Caiels

                            I met Sandy at a few of the conferences and remember him as a kind, gentle and generous man.  He never had a bad word to say about anybody and freely gave his knowledge and support to anyone who asked.


                            He will be sorely missed.  He was a great advocate of Datawatch and corner stone of the Forum.  Sadly, and ashamedly, I didn’t get to know Sandy well on a personal level, but it is very clear that he was as generous in life as he was here on the forums.

                              • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                                Michael Morrison

                                I first got to know Sandy a year before I joined Datawatch and found him to be a truly passionate and caring individual - not just about Datawatch/Monarch but about life in general.  He always had a positive energy about him, and an uplifting spirit.  I met Sandy and his wife Christine the first (and sadly, only) time in Las Vegas last year.  What a great couple!  I could sense the love between them and the ease with which they both approached life.  It was a great (though all too brief) conversation.  Sandy was vocal and opinionated (surprised anybody?).  Christine was engaging and witty (again, surprised anybody?). 


                                Sandy was a tremendous ambassador for Datawatch.  The value he brought to Datawatch was unmatched.  He did more for this company than Datawatch ever did for him.  He will me sorely missed.  My prayers go out to Christine and Sandy's entire family.  The Datawatch family will miss you.


                                - Michael

                                • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                                  Eamon Donoghue

                                  I never met Sandy but we have exchanged a few emails over the years.  Like many people on this forum, I have benefitted from his freely shared knowledge on more than one occasion.  I know I have a copy of his excellent ebook which I bought from him a few years ago.


                                  As everyone says, he was a true gentleman and his wisdom and generosity will never be forgotten by those who were lucky enough to have come in contact with him.


                                  To Sandy's family and his many close friends, I offer my sincere condolences.  May he Rest in Peace.


                                  Eamon Donoghue

                                    • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                                      RalphB _

                                      I met Sandy at the User Conference in San Diego in 2005.  I always enjoyed reading his posts as he seemed to have a great insight into Monarch and Excel and to get them to work together.    He had a really good sense of humor.


                                      My condolences to his family and all his close friends both on and off the forum.


                                      He will be greatly missed by all.  May he rest in peace.

                                      • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                                        Janet Grimsley

                                        I am very saddened by this news and humbled that I did get a chance to meet Sandy at the 2012 Datawatch conference in Las Vegas.  Not knowing the man very well, he did leave an impression on me as being very intelligent, humble, gracious, and kind.  When I come accross a reponse by Sandy in this forum, I always spend extra time reviewing his comments.  Cancer is such a horrible thing, as I have experienced it in my own family.  I hope that Sandy's family will find peace and understanding and know that we are all praying for them. 


                                        Janet Grimsley

                                        • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                                          monafam _

                                          Back in 2009, at my prior job, we received Monarch, but only knew just enough to setup a trap or two with the training we had received.  As we looked into ways to make our process better, I did some internet searches, and Sandy's name/website kept coming up.  I joined his site, and started asking questions on this forum.  Sandy was always so helpful -- even if I didn't interact much, just those few times, I had a chance to see how passionate Sandy was.   Just that direction alone, really changed everything for us in the office.


                                          Fast forward a few years -- a new job, where I get Monarch and I brag about how great it was to use at my old job.  I came on here for a refresher, only to find out about Sandy's passing.   His helpfulness and passion will be missed.

                                          • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                                            drobert _

                                            It has been quite a while since I have been on this forum, and I can say that I was shocked to hear that dear Sandy had passed away.  I can say that Sandy was always there to give advice or answers to every question I asked on the forum, often he was the first one to answer!  He had been a tremendous contributor and always had great tips, especially Monarch with Excel.


                                            I had also be honoured (and initiated?) by him to have a specialized trap named after me (my nickname)... the Dogbert trap http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?2770-Newbie-question-on-multiple-line-record[/URL].


                                            Sandy, you will be sadly missed my friend.

                                            • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)

                                              I had several conversations with Sandy over the last few years and he helped me in many ways.


                                              We talked about meeting up next time he was in my area and grabbing a beer. I'm sad that we will never get to lift our glasses together in friendship, but I will certainly toast to him today for all the good he provided me and to everyone else.


                                              He was a good man



                                  • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                                    joe.lovati _

                                    Thanks Olly for sharing.  It feels like just a few weeks ago, Sandy and I were exchanging emails back and forth about his condition.  But sadly it's been months since we've last communicated.  Sandy was a Monarch mentor of mine and was always willing to share knowledge and expertise,  which is rare is this day of "intellectual knowledge" control.   I will always remember the discussions we had at the past conferences about data and making it most useful to wide groups of users.   You'll always be remembered!!

                                      • Sandy Cavalaris (DataKruncher)
                                        Nigel Winton

                                        I am one of the many people who knew Sandy through the forum but never met him. That was not a problem as after a couple of emails you felt like you had been friends for years. He helped me several times and was happy to publish some of my ideas on his blog.


                                        Sandy you will be missed, I was glad I met you through the forum. Make sure they are using Monarch wherever you may be.


                                        Nigel Winton