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    Performance with Export to File Server

    hphi _



      does somebody know why Monarch has a severe performance problem on exporting data to a file server?


      I have been using my export batch file for a very long time on my C:-Drive.


      The batch file calls monarch.exe, takes data out of a txt-file exports it to a accdb-file.


      Now, I have my txt file and the accdb-output on the file server.


      On C: the transfer from txt to accdb takes 2 minutes. On the file server: > 1 h.


      Thanks for your support in advance


        • Performance with Export to File Server
          Olly Bond

          Hello hphi,


          When Monarch writes out to a file like .accdb, it creates the file first of all, and then writes row after row of data to it. To write the data into the file involves lots of file system operations, so the closer and faster the disk is the better the performance.


          Moving a file from one disk to another is handled perfectly well by the file system, without Monarch needing to be running to do it.


          With Monarch, you could write a batch file to run the project export, and then copy the file to the remote location, or with DataPump you can set up a "Copy" or "Move" distribution in the XPRJ editor dialog.


          DataPump distribution methods also include SharePoint, email, FTP, RSS...


          How automatic do you need (or want) it to be?


          Best wishes,