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    Exporting of Summary question

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      I have a new summary that I just created that I have a question about.  We don't do very many summaries so I have a few questions.  I have a key field that they wanted subtotaling on based on certain positions of the key.  So for instance the key is 9 long and they wanted it subtotaled on positions 2-5 and position 9.  So in the table I made two new calculated fields that have these positions of the key stripped out.  In my summary I wanted the whole key to show up first.  So in the key field I added my two subtotal portions of the key first and then the whole key as the third key entry.  In order to make it so the full key would should first I had to check the 'hide the key column' box for each of my two calculated key portions.  That seems to work fine.  My question is that when I export the summary to excel it starts in column 'C'  If I highlight the whole area in excel to resize all the columns so all the headings fit then it makes column "A" and "B" show up.  Is this just the way it works?  Last question is do text fields have to come before count fields?  I think I read another post saying that, but I thought I'd verify.  I was trying to make my summary have the same column layout as my table, but because some fields are text it makes me put all of them as items and come first.





        • Exporting of Summary question
          Olly Bond

          Hello Phil,


          Yes, key fields (text) have to come to the left of number or date fields (measures). But you can get around it with a second pass - just open the exported summary as a database in Monarch (don't worry about hiding the keys in your summary) - and hide/re-order the fields you want in the table, then export the table. You lose the SUBTOTAL(...) functions in Excel that way, but you get the layout you want.


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